14 March 2007

TMI Tuesday #8: Good Cause

If you're into playing the meme game, you can check out TMI Tuesday and maybe play yourself sometime. Or perhaps just play with yourself. Some would suggest that is a better use of your time. Provided, of course, you blog about it afterwards.

1. What is your favorite charity? Do you you give your time or just money to that charity?

I've always been a huge fan of the work of the Organization for the Research of Genital Arousal for Sensual Mastery. This not-for-profit has two major goals: to alleviate the root causes of dissatisfaction in the supine, open and obedient, helping their purses swell with the bounty of flowing goodness; and to share lessons learned around the world from those who have also knelt at the altar and spoken in tongues. The group brings the benefits of modern technology to those most in need of climactic occurrences in their otherwise seemingly barren lives.

I have very little money to give to them, but I believe in their cause so much that I have devoted literally hundreds of hours of community service to their goals.

2. Describe your bed. What side do you sleep on?

It's an iron bed. Thin rods, rust-colored. Each of the four posts is capped by a pineapple — the symbol for welcoming. The bed has a sense of fragility and strength, all at the same time.

I never told Amy this, but it was important for me, when we were shopping for this bed, that the bed's design lend itself to the possibility of one or the other of us being tied to it.

For years, it was a big issue for me that we not have one side that we always sleep on. An attempt, I suppose, to avoid yet another rut in a relationship. Many nights, when Amy would come to bed, she would find me sleeping on a side of the bed she had normally been sleeping on. She would wordlessly move to the other side. She probably found my need to do this amusing. But since having children, Amy has always slept on the side closest to the kid's rooms. It's a holdover from when she regularly got up to nurse a child.

Often, when Amy comes to bed, she'll find me on her side; as soon as she's ready to get in, I move over. This warms up the sheets for her. Recently, I noticed that she's started doing the same for me on nights when she gets into bed first. That's just too goddamned precious for words, isn't it? And yet I still made you read it. I can be an asshole that way sometimes.

3. How important is a partners kissing ability?

Dreadfully important. Tragically important. The kissing ability of a partner to effectively use — I'm sorry, to communicate with — the lips, tongue, and teeth is directly related to ... well ... everything that leads after. Especially oral sex. And I think I've made my views on the importance of that pretty clear in the past. In the very recent past, as a matter of fact. Like, two questions ago.

I can think of two occasions where I kissed women whose return kiss was ... thin, hesitant, passive, underwhelming. It spoke to their confidence. Now, nothing says they couldn't be brought along to higher level of confidence. But in at least one case, I wasn't really interested enough to be a ... what? Mentor? I guess that's the word, though it sounds too insanely egomaniacal to write it. Hopefully you know what I mean. In the case of the second woman, she was willing to do anything — anything — but I had to be the total lead on everything we did. And that was getting old fast. The whole dom-sub thing is arousing and a nice place to visit, but I ain't living there.

4. Have you ever purposely tried to seduce someone over a long period of time?


Clearly, if you have to ask, it's not working. So fuck it.

5. Top or bottom?

Oh, no question: Remove your top first. I really must see them. Right now.

I probably naturally incline myself toward being a top (to the extent that any domination stuff is going on), but that's more because I'm the one with all the fantasies and ideas for what I want to do. Amy is an enthusiastic partner, but only occasionally pushes me into more of a bottom position. I wish she'd do it more, but it's not such a big deal that I need to have a "serious talk" with her about it. It's come up before, it's been mentioned. It'll happen if it happens.

Bonus (as in optional): Have you ever shaved your pubic hair?

The twig and the stones are bare. The area around is kept neat. Having my balls laved is one of my all-time favorite experiences, so anything I can do to encourage such activity is done. Amy seems to appreciate it.


Bekah said...

Very informative and the bit about the bed was incredibly sweet!

la fille mariée said...

Ugh. The side of the bed thing. Think I may have to throw up. Aaack.

Okay, just teasing. You and Amy are so cute, I just want to eat you up. First one of you. Then the other.

Denis Connor said...

So LFM ... I can vouch for Amy's tastiness, so I nominate her to go first. I just might enjoy watching that, too.

Izzy said...

I laughed out loud when I read number four. Excellent, man. Write on.


Denis Connor said...

Well, Izzy, that took you long enough. I wrote that joke just for you. I thought you'd never read it.