01 January 2007

"Blog Description" History

There's a field in Blogger called "Blog Description," directly under the title. I couldn't come up with one, so I've been putting random things there that I believe capture the essence of this blog. This entry is a history of the descriptions which have appeared in that field. If you read all of them, maybe you'll have an idea what this is about. When you figure it out, email me.

[i'm still trying to remember this one]
(1/26 - 27/2007)

Everything I know ... I've learned between her legs.
(1/27 - 29/2007)

He's like Barack Obama ... except he's not afraid to admit he wants to take his wife from behind.
(1/29 - 2/1/2007)

I don't just suck at unequivocation ... I swallow.
(2/1 - 3/2007)

She said, "I'm into geeks." I said, "All the hot women are."
(2/3 - 5/2007)

"I'm sorry we're not having sex more often ... But you have to admit that it's pretty amazing when we do." - Amy Connor
(2/5 - 7/2007)

The first name on Soledad O'Brien's blogroll.
(2/7 - 10/2007)

"It’s got more hooks than a tackle box , it’s got really loud guitars
It’s got a blasting cap in the fertilizer, got the secret anguish of the network stars
It’s anti-fur, it’s unplugged, it’s got an OK from the Pope
Got art nails and a Wonderbra, and dreadlock blunt-rolled Buddha dope"
- Kevin Gilbert
(2/10 - 13/2007)

I have less sex in order to conserve my Ch'i ... for blogging.
(2/13 - 19/2007)

My other blog is about important developments in the worlds of Mideast politics and nuclear physics.
(2/19 - 22/2007)

Just another blog where the big head overanalyzes the little head.
(2/22 - 27/2007)

Vanilla Sex. Big Words. Lots of punctuation.
(2/27 - 3/3/2007)

Save the adoring husband with exceptional cunnilingus technique ... save the world.
(3/3 - 7/2007)

Marriage To-Do List: 1) Dishes. 2) Pick up toys. 3) Clean gutters. 4) Fuck like horny porn stars. 5) Prepare dinner.
(3/7 - 13/2007)

Read all you want. Just make sure you wash your hands before you leave.
(3/13 - 16/2007)

I may live to fuck my wife, but ... I serve at the pleasure of the President.
(3/16 - 21/2007)

Real sex and writing: Two great tastes that taste great together.
(3/21 - 26/2007)

"Rin Tin Tin is a movie star. I'm just a guy with a sex blog" - Al Gore (um, paraphrased)
(3/26 - 4/1/2007)

Just like all the other sex blogs, except ... more cowbell!
(4/1 - 6/2007)

"Keep your lamplight trimmed and burning." -Beck
(4/6 - 12/2007)

Trying to teach my wife that a flirtatious comment does not have to be a promise.
(4/12 - 20/2007)

The story of me and my wife — who, you'll all be gratified to hear, is speaking to me again since Danielynn Smith's paternity test results were made public.
(4/20 - 24/2007)

Or ... The Closeted Libertine.
(4/24 - 10/25/2007)

"There's no amount of work a man can't do if it's not what he's supposed to be doing." -Peter Benchley
(10/25 - ?/2007)

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