19 January 2007

"Wild Card" Coupon Fantasy Options (Pt. 1)

An earlier post documented the Christmas "coupons" Amy gave me. As I wrote at the time, one particular coupon -- the "wild card" ("Good for one new thing of your choosing. Just ask.") sent my mind (and other parts) reeling.

Lying in bed that night with Amy asleep next to me, I realized that all of my regular mental masturbatory material suddenly had new import. Many of them were a little closer to reality. I was intensely horny, so I tried to "pick a card" from my fantasy deck and get off.

But the coupon had an unfortunate side-effect: I was suffering from SADD ... Sexual Attention Deficit Disorder. Like a spinning Rolodex®, my mind could not settle on a single fantasy. And without locking in, I wasn't able to jack off. (Johnnie Cochran said something like that. What was his famous enthymeme? Oh yeah: "If you're brain can't lock, you can't yank cock!")

I had already been contemplating the creation of this blog, and I knew right then that one of my early posts would be a list of my fantasies that involve Amy. Which is pretty much almost every fantasy. An exhaustive list of Denis' kinks.

Exhaustive? Who am I kidding? No such list could exist. There are probably kinks in my psyche that I don't even know about. Nonetheless, as of today, I have compiled the existing list of fantasies that I might be asking Amy for when the mood is right. It's long enough that I'm splitting it into two posts. After both are posted, I'm hoping that you might help me pick one ... or even suggest others.

Without further ado, Part One:

Watch Amy have sex with another man.
Holy Christ, is the hotwife fantasy ever a potent one. If it's not already obvious from the (ever-growing) blogroll to the left, the dream of sharing Amy runs deep. One variation on this theme involves us encountering a man on a long Amtrak journey. The fantasy, for me, is even more powerful because the man in this fantasy is black. I used to worry about the innately racist undertone of this angle. Luckily, sex advice columnist Dan Savage helped me come to terms with this in a recent column about this topic. But really, I'm not going to quibble about something as trivial as race when it comes to this fantasy.
Fulfillment Probability Meter (the likelihood of this fantasy really happening, on a scale of 1 to 10): I give this one a 5. And that's higher than than, say, 6 months ago. Between the coupons and Amy's encouraging us to explore anal, I just might have underestimated how open she is to new sexual experiences. But two major factors stand in the way, as I see it: Amy's concerns about disease, and the need for her to be attracted to -- and feel attractive to -- another man so strongly that she can get around the psychological barriers.

A threesome with another man.
A slight variation on the previous fantasy: Now the other guy and I are doubling up on Amy. The image that really arrests me when I imagine this is this: She is bent in front of me, my cock in her mouth, our eyes making contact, as every thrust from the gentleman behind her creates Fulfillment Probability Meter: 5. If she goes for the first one, is it that long a trip to this one? (I'm seriously asking: Is there?)

Sharing a cock with Amy.
Certainly a "spin-off" from MFM threesome above, but it crosses into something a little harder to (pardon the pun) swallow for some people -- Amy included. Yes, I have smoked pipe. Even in 2007, I think this is, for some, a disturbing revelation. I guess I'll have to go into more detail on that part of my history at a later date.
Fulfillment Probability Meter: 3. Amy's uncomfortable with this -- more than she lets on most of the time. (The topic doesn't come up that often.) It'd be fun, but I'm not likely to ask for this one. The fantasy is less fun if both participants aren't 100% into it.

A threesome with another woman.
The night that I met Amy, I ended up sleeping between her and her best friend. That night more than 15 years ago is still the well I go back to when my inspiration is drought-stricken. And the amazing thing is that nothing happened. At least not between the three of us. (I will share this story in detail later.) Amy and I have discussed the concept of a threesome before, but the wall she always runs up against is disease. In 1992, we toyed with asking a female co-worker of mine for whom we had both expressed an attraction; but before I asked, the woman made it clear (in an unrelated conversation) that her "wild days" were behind her. We've never come even that close since, though we've fantasized about it before.
Fulfillment Probability Meter: 6. Only because Amy once entertained the thought. She'd be more likely to consider tag-team fellatio than actually letting me fuck someone else (mainly due to disease concerns rather than jealousy).

Sex in front of another person or couple.
Playing on my exhibitionist streak. This fantasy would likely be a precursor/"warm-up" to one of the aforementioned fantasies -- a step back from another person/couple participating directly with us. The more potent version of this fantasy is the "couple" version, where I envision friends on the same bed or in the same room, having sex with each other while Amy and I do the same.
Fulfillment Probability Meter: 6. This fantasy has the advantage of "addressing" Amy's disease issue ... by not addressing it at all. The sex stays contained within the already established relationships. It's the equivalent of watching live porn; so how different is that from the video porn we already watch? The two keys needed to unlock this one are finding the "right couple" and helping Amy deal with her body image issues.

A semi-public blowjob.
I've had a specific fantasy in this vein for sometime. Here's the scenario: We've been traveling on the road at night -- Amy's driving, I'm the passenger -- and we stop off at a rest stop (a slight distance from the rest stop buildings) to use the restrooms and switch drivers. When I return to the car, Amy is already sitting in the passenger seat of the car. I walk up to her window, tap it. She lowers it. "This is for you," I say (or maybe it's "Can you help a guy out here?") as I unzip my jeans, pull out my cock (already semi-hard from the contemplation of doing this), my hand on the back of her head indicating what I expect. I can hear her giggle under her breath just before she takes me in her mouth and starts giving glorious head. What do I do then? Simply cross my arms on top of the car and enjoy the bucolic wonders of the highway rest stop: travelers walking nearby; dogs and owners headed to the pet area; truckers pulling in for forty winks; the oncoming and receding headlights of cars returning to the road ... all while my wife services me through the window. The world's biggest glory hole. It's a beautiful thing, the road.
Fulfillment Probability Meter: 8. Yeah, this could happen. Wouldn't even have to use the coupon for it probably. A spontaneous action when the moment is right. The only challenge would be devising a road trip without the kids. But it could happen.

I have a few more coming up in part two of this post. Again, after the list is complete, I hope that you might suggest which one I should go for ... or toss out an idea that you think I might be interested in.


la fille mariée said...

Wow! Great list!

The key for you and Amy and experiences with other people will be establishing trust... not just between the two of you, but with the others. Amy, like so many of us, isn't going to be able to let go and enjoy unless she knows she can fully trust not to be judged, not have to worry about disease or any other physical or emotional risks.

Desireous said...

I loved this list. Very sexy. It left me quite wet.


PS I like your blog title though I have to admit I had to look up the word. :-)

Sexy Duet said...

I dont think there would be much between you watching Amy with another man and a MFM threesome. I know some women prefer to be totally alone if they are going to be with another man because they feel they cant really let go and enjoy the situation with their husband there, but if you are going to be in the room anyway then you may as well be joining in.

Thank you so much for the voice comment, I have added you to my daily reads.


Denis Connor said...

Mariée ... It's trust in others, and perhaps trust in oneself as well. Perhaps that's the most scary part of all? Amy is a woman who struggles with a sense that she doesn't have a lot of control in her life, and there are elements of these fantasies that requires surrendering control. Perhaps we can find an atmosphere where we all feel safe relinquishing that control.

Desireous: I've been enjoying your writings. Glad I could expand your vocabulary!

Sexy: Good point on threesomes. And thanks for the add.