27 January 2007

When in Rome....

Thursday night: I was checking that my last blog entry had posted when Amy kicked off the couch blanket and dropped a foot in my lap.

"Do you want a foot rub?" I asked, almost reflexively. I love massaging her feet, and the foot-in-lap is a practiced move indicating a request. As it turns out, in this case the foot was only meant to distract me from the screen.

"No," Amy said. "I want you to go down on me."

I practically tossed my laptop on the floor. I slid sideways on the couch up between her legs and kissed her.

"That is," she continued, "if you don't mind going down on Annie." Amy had been to the salon that day and had her hair re-permed. It was at its curliest.

"I'll force myself to avoid inserting the obvious joke right here about 'It's a hard-cock life," I said, and she laughed through another kiss.

It took me about thirty seconds to determine that oral wasn't all she was interested in. This was most definitely Amy's "fuck me" kissing style. That, and the fact that she was grinding against me. I slid a hand down between us and pressed against her pussy through her sweats. Apparently in just the right places, because Amy sent a moan down my throat.

"What's gotten into you? You're into it so quickly tonight." I asked.

"Rome got into me."

Ah, yes. Earlier we had viewed two episodes of the HBO series, a lush, expensive program that includes, along with the obligatory pay-cable-station violence, some incredibly attractive people with British accents wearing sexy togas ... or no togas at all when they fuck (which is fairly often). Rome can work on two levels: As a telling of Roman history, or as sensual storytelling. That night, the show had worked on my head; for Amy, it had unleashed something down below. Hey, I have no problem getting on that page with her when I need to.

Removing her sweats and throwing her legs on my shoulders, I began slowly kissing down the inside of one leg. "I would gladly be your Roman servant, doing your bidding," I told her.

When Amy asks for oral so directly, I feel more laid back, because she's clearly not in a hurry. I want to give her something closer to an experience than just an orgasm. In keeping with the signs I'd picked up, her pussy seemed ready for me before I got there ... moist, warm, radiating heat, radiating succulence. I licked, sucked, probed, gently tugged, and savored.

Wetting my middle finger with saliva, I slipped it in for some G-spot stimulation. When I'm doing this, I always wonder why I don't do it more often. There's an efficiency to my technique. Picture this: With my palm facing upward and my middle finger deep in her cunt, my index and ring fingers are perfectly positioned to spread open her lips, exposing her clit. All I have to do is nestle my mouth in between those two fingers, and I have some double stimulation going inside and out. Quite intense for Amy.

Sometimes too intense ... like tonight. Amy asked me to stop. (She told me later it made her feel like she was about to pee.) No worries -- plenty more to be done. I brought her to one orgasm with my mouth, but it was a little ... quiet. If it's a good one, her whole body shudders and shakes, and she usually has to (forcefully) push my head away as every nerve ending in that area sends out thousands of volts. This time she didn't do that -- the sign I could go back for seconds. The next orgasm was definitely more intense, and I was even setting up for round three when she cut me off with three words:

"Where's that cock?"

Thank God. It had been awhile since she'd sucked me. I knelt next to the couch by her head and said, "You're going to have to find it." She obliged, and as she did, I told her, "You don't know how many times this last week I've almost come over to this couch and just put this cock in your mouth." She would have laughed louder, but her mouth was full.

I asked Amy later what she had done differently that night to make this particular blowjob so intense. It felt like her mouth was everywhere. She was taking me deep, taking her time, wet and noisy. If she'd kept it up, I would have come, but she had other plans. As she sucked, she unzipped her top and we worked her bra off, and before long she was pushing her tits around my cock. "I don't fuck these tits enough," I rasped, moving directly on top of her and reaching behind me to continue to diddle her clit while I slid back and forth.

At some point, I said, "Do you want me to fuck your tits ..." and then pulled it from between her globes, stuffing it between her lips and saying, "... or your mouth?"

When I let her talk again, all she said was: "You can fuck me anywhere."

"Anywhere?" I said, putting my cock back in her mouth. "I can fuck this pretty mouth? These amazing tits? I can fuck your hot cunt? Or how about, one night soon, I fuck that ass of yours again?" She giggled and groaned at the same time.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I moved down and plunged into her pussy, surprised yet again at how turned on she still was after a couple of orgasms. We tried some different missionary variations, and every once in awhile, I'd find "the spot." Two things happen when I hit it: I can feel my dick rubbing in this very specific spot deep in her pussy (it feels like I'm way above the G-spot ... or maybe I'm wrong about its precise location ... or, more likely, I'm exaggerating the size of my dick!); also, she reacts with increased volume or adds "oh yeahs" or "ohmygods." I worked that spot relentlessly that night, and she was getting loud enough that I worried a little bit about waking little ones.

Her head is usually at my chest level when we fuck in this position, and I like to look down at her and watch her moan, or I like to bury my nose in her hair and breathe deep. I did both tonight and suddenly felt strange: Since her hair was freshly permed that day, she looked and smelled different ... and there was a mere split-second when I felt like maybe I was fucking a different woman. One would think that this would heighten the experience -- a stranger fantasy being played out right in front of my face. Oddly enough, I found it disconcerting. I told Amy about it later: It's connected to this ... thing that has happened to me now where I have no fantasies remaining that don't involve Amy. I used to masturbate to thoughts of co-workers, ex-girlfriends, retail store cashiers with big tits. Now, those fantasies do nothing for me ... unless Amy is somehow involved as well, in a threesome or in a girl-girl experience with the "stranger." I suppose this is a point scored for monogamy, right?

I turned her on her side once and fucked above her, which is a position I always love in theory but proves not to be so successful in practice without a pillow under her hips. I wasn't about to take that kind of set-up time tonight. Back to missionary, and she grabbed her ankles, which always puts her in an incredibly vulnerable position and feels much more intense for both of us. Intense enough that after a few more strokes in that place, I was shaking, screaming, and filling her lovely cunt with cum. I collapsed on top of her.

Afterwards, she actually had the nerve to apologize. For what? For not orgasming during the fuck. "I always come so close, but it never quite gets there. I don't know what I need to do to finish."

"Sweetheart, you are among the vast majority of women who can't come from intercourse."

"But I'm trying so hard," she said.

"And maybe that's part of the problem," I suggested. "Just don't worry about it. Maybe it'll sneak up on you sometime. Or we'll try something we haven't tried that hits the spot." So to speak. It used to bug me that she has never had a vaginal orgasm, but that was ten years ago. She's extremely orgasmic with clitoral stimulation, and I'll take that. Besides ... it gives us something to keep striving for!

Later, in bed, she kissed me and said: "You're going to watch Rome all the time now, aren't you?"

I laughed and said, "Yeah. That and The 40-Year-Old Virgin."

Oh, you haven't heard that story yet? That's right. I've almost finished that one. Coming soon.

+ + +

Yesterday morning, when she got out of the car to go into her office, she asked: "So, are you proud of me?"

"For what?"

"For initiating last night!"

"Amy," I said, "you probably haven't noticed, but you've been initiating most of the sex recently."

It was something I had only realized as I showered earlier. Going back over the recent few weeks, I noticed that I had stopped asking for sex. Why is that, I wondered?

Could be a number of reasons. One of them, ironically, is probably this blog. I've been devoting a lot of energy here, and I think that in the process of becoming more ... analytical, I guess, about my sex life ... I've actually been sated on some level. Also, I think that I so detest feeling like I'm "nagging" Amy for sex that I've stopped asking her on weeknights or nights when she appears to be thoroughly exhausted ... which, as the old joke goes, is only on days ending in "y" recently.

Whatever the reason, if the balance has tipped a bit the other way when it comes to initiation of sex, I think that's okay for the moment. Things will probably fall back the other way sooner rather than later. For instance, I'm hoping we can shower together sometime this weekend. And if that works out ... who knows what might happen....


la fille mariée said...

Lordy, Mr. Connor. You are having some very hot encounters with your wife. I've said before how lucky Amy is. I'm thinking now how lucky Denis is.

Yes, the balance will keep changing back and forth if you two manage to keep in this healthy place. Nothing wrong with concentrating your energies on figuring out what's going on... especially when the bonus side effect is Amy acknowledging the role she needs to play in your intimacy. You're obviously doing something very right.

Anonymous said...

Does Amy know about the blog? Is she aware of its existence?

Juno Henry said...

I'm with LFM... I think you're both very lucky to know each other so intimately that you can achieve such sexual highs -- and then, go back and perfect them further. (And how articulately and eloquently written -- wonderful!)

I almost envy you... but only in the nicest possible way. Delighted that I found you, i shall return, of that you can be quite sure.

Juno x

Penelope said...

Nice post that continues the dialogue in ours! I also appreciate the info on, believe it or not, G spots. Sounds like Amy and I are a lot alike in that category.

Denis Connor said...

LFM: It's hard for me to even demand that Amy has a "responsibility" in our intimacy. I realize. even as I type that, how ludicrous that statement is. But humans have the ability to be in denial or guilty about things far more ridiculous than that, so it's not so hard to believe I'd feel this way, I guess.

Anonymous: No, Amy doesn't know.

Juno: Thanks for the love. I've begun enjoying your blog as well.

Penelope: Glad you liked the blogback. I provided "info" on G spots? I was informative? What have I done wrong? Heh.

Fussy Bitch said...

I have no fantasies remaining that don't involve Amy

As hot as the sex is, the love you have for that woman melts me every single time I read you. It's a rare blog that combines the two so beautifully.

Mercuryuk said...

I just found your blog, and will be reading you a lot more.

Love your writing.

Denis Connor said...

fussy: You know what? You suck at being a fussy bitch. You're just a big cream puff with a hard-pastry exterior. Hmmm. Come to think of it, that sounds kind of sexy....

Mercury: Thanks so much for taking the time to read my wordiness. I'll try to keep it interesting.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Connor,

When Mrs. Connor feels like she is about to pee during intense sex, could it be that she is about the have a female ejaculation?


Denis Connor said...

When Mrs. Connor feels like she is about to pee during intense sex, could it be that she is about the have a female ejaculation?

To my knowledge, she has never felt the urge to pee in the middle of intense sex. There are times when we are starting and she realizes she needs to go, but this is in no way connected to female ejaculation. I have never noticed a particularly significant increase in the volume of her "juices" during or immmediately after orgasm.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes too intense ... like tonight. Amy asked me to stop. (She told me later it made her feel like she was about to pee.) "



Denis Connor said...


Oh ... that.

Well, you don't really expect me to read my own writing, do you?

Yeah, that's an interesting thought. I'll have to run that by her again ... or maybe just not stop doing that next time she asks me to.

(Okay, that last idea isn't a very good one.)