19 March 2007

Big-Titted Muses

God bless grandmas — especially the ones who offer your children an occasional "sleepover." Only one of our two kids was out of the house Saturday night ... but that didn't stop Amy and me from tacitly agreeing that it would be a night of raunch.

One problem: The kid taken off our hands was not the one lately having trouble sleeping. It was past 10:30 before Amy and I were the only conscious humans in the house. The bedtime process exhausted us. I assumed Amy was beyond "recovery" for sex, but she surprised me by asking to be woken up with an episode of The Black Donnellys. ("It is St. Patrick's day, after all," she explained.)

"I'm sorry this evening isn't turning out the way we'd hoped," Amy said after the show. She was stroking my head in her lap.

"What were you hoping for, exactly?" I inquired.

"Oh ... I was thinking we'd watch a porno...."

We stared at a muted television playing some South By Southwest band I had lost interest in. I debated internally whether to reveal my fun secret.

"Well ..." I started, "I do have something on my computer that I've been saving to show you. It's the greatest blowjob I've ever seen filmed."

I always feel weird about revealing to Amy that I've been looking at porn, even though she's totally cool with it. She knows I masturbate a lot, and that I use "educational materials" accordingly. Still, it feels a little ... seedy.

"Okay," she said, sounding genuinely interested. "But ... You shouldn't have that stuff on your computer."

"I know. This is the only thing. I just put it on there for you to see, and then its gone."

"'Cause you don't want someone finding that by accident and being forced to fire you."

"No, you're right. It's gone after tonight. So ... You want to see it?"

"Oh yeah, sure," she said. She went to get a snack while I opened the laptop.

The video is a semi-amateur thing — meaning that the women in it are probably in the industry, either as dancers or as low-level porn actresses, but this is an improvised, small-time, Internet-only cheapie, shot with a single handheld consumer camera in a nondescript bedroom. The cameraman talks way too much, making inane smalltalk and frat-boy comments. Most of the videos I've seen by this guy is ruined by his bullshit logorrhea.

But this one video transcends his blathering.

The stars are two (naturally) large-breasted women. ("So it's a real departure for me!" I explained to Amy.) They spend the first one-third of the video playing with each other's breasts, adeptly incorporating baby oil, hands and mouths. I skipped this part for Amy's viewing and cued it to the point where the male is introduced. The women give his (large and very nice) cock a tandem blowjob. Both women are then fucked in numerous positions while they continue to kiss or play with each other's tits or go down on each other. It concludes with a money shot on their tits.

Pretty basic, vanilla stuff. Except ... Except for that blowjob. You see, these two women have sizzling chemistry. I'm not a huge fan of girl-girl, but what these women essentially do, as the guy is reclined on his back, is have an incendiary makeout session ... and the guy's dick just happens to be perched between their mouths. Their kissing is wet, wild, slow ... almost longing. They savor each other. And ... yeah, there's this huge cock that, almost as a side-effect, gets sucked.

The moment this video becomes worth every penny (even if I did download it for free) is when both men — the one in front of the camera and the one behind — unconsciously cease their nonstop chatter. Suddenly, there is silence, except for the moist sound of lips sucking on lips ... lips sucking on cock ... under-the-breath alto moans. In the span of fifteen seconds, these two lovers instantly own the room, the camera, the cock.

Two minutes later, they break with a nervous giggle; they sense the sea-change. "How's that?" One of them asks. The cameraman/director, clearly caught off guard, is almost speechless, outside of a couple of "Holy fucks." He says that he has filmed probably 1,000 scenes, and this is easily the hottest blowjob he has ever witnessed. I've probably watched that many scenes, and I don't doubt for a minute that he's right.

Amy, watching, clearly agreed. The video is broken up into four files, and this amazing head (later continued with the two women on their knees and shot from the suckee's point of view) happens in the part two. When it ended, I asked Amy: "You wanna keep going?"

"Yes!" she said, enthusiastically.

"You know," I added as I get part three open and running, "if you ever want to set something like this up for me...." She laughed.

We continued watching the whole thing, through all the fucking (both of these women have larger-than-your-usual-pornstar asses — it makes it that much better when they get fucked from behind), right up to the payoff. Just for good measure, the women have one last passionate soulkiss as their cum-covered tits rub together.

(For those interested, I've provided a link to the teaser page for this video in the comments section of this entry.)

The video over, Amy wordlessly popped off the couch and walked around the living room, dining room and kitchen, turning off lights. "After that, you probably want the lights on, though," she considered.

"There's plenty of light," I said, knowing outside ambient light would cast the room in a nice, cool blue wash.

Amy sat down on my lap, straddling me, and began a passionate kiss. Shortly, her top came off. "You get to enjoy my new bra," she said. Few things are hotter than a really well-fitted bra. I played with her covered tits until she popped the front closure and pushed a nipple into my mouth. I'm not sure if it was the focus the video put on my predilection for tit-play or if she was just that turned on, but the she was making tonight about her breasts. She and I shared one of her nipples for awhile, semi-recreating the makeout blowjob we'd seen, with a nipple in place of a cock.

She slid down off my lap, pulled off my pants. So typical of Amy: She never takes my pants off and then my underwear — they always come off together, getting her to the "prize "faster. She rubbed one tit, then the other, up and down my shaft. Finally, her mouth enveloped me, and she primed me with wetness and warmth. She wrapped her breasts around my cock and absorbed my hip thrusts. She seemed to want me to fuck her tits, but she kept coming back to sucking on my dick. At one point, she slowed down and tried her best to re-create a solo version of what the young ladies earlier had accomplished. "I'm imagining you teaming up with someone else as you do that," I suggested.

She stood up, pulled off her pants, straddled me again, pressing her wet cunt against my dick, and sliding up and down. "Am I catching your clit?" I asked her. She moaned in the affirmative. "Use my cock," I encouraged. "Use me to get yourself off." She tried, but what Amy really wanted became obvious when she stood up on the couch and pushed her pussy in my face.

I went to town. So did she, rubbing her cunt all over my mouth, and finally collapsing sideways onto her back — but taking care to keep my mouth in full contact with her clit through the fall. From this position, I brought her to an intense, bucking orgasm.

After a short rest, I asked, "More?" hoping to get to eat her out again.

"More with something else," she said.

I got up on my knees and pushed into her, starting slow and building a rhythm.

"Tell me what else you liked about that video," she ordered.

"I loved their asses," I said. "Nice, big asses, made for fucking."

Amy giggled and kissed me. "How come you never see a video where women are lusting after a man with a big ass?" I had no good answer to that. I was laughing too hard anyway.

I continued: "I have to think it was a good thing that guy didn't fuck 'em in the ass."

"He was huge," Amy said, stating the obvious.

"And I know they're passé, but I loved the one woman's back tattoo," I said. "It's so ... slutty."

Amy laughed. "Don't put too fine a point on it!"

"I'm serious!" I said. Our hips were starting to pick up speed. "You know, you can get temporary tattoos like that," I said, remembering the image of Penelope on her and Odysseus' blog. "You should try one sometime. Then you can be my whore." We both laughed, and things ratcheted up into another gear. I reiterated: "I would fuck my whore." She moaned and pushed back against me harder.

I pulled away and said, "Let's try reverse cowgirl, so I can watch your gorgeous ass."

"I love the way you call it by it's 'official name,'" Amy said with a roll of her eyes.

"What? That's what it's called!"

"I know," she said, straddling my legs, lowering herself onto my cock. "But .... Mmmmmmmmm."

This was a very good position for Amy. She really started getting vocal now. But her thighs weren't holding up; she had to beg off long before either of us wanted her to. Instead, she took up on her hands and knees, on the couch. I took a moment to admire the view before sinking into her once again.

At some point, I found the right spot. "Oh yeah," she panted. "Right there."

I really wanted some talk tonight. "This the way you like to be fucked?" I said.


"I can tell. Come on, fuck me back." Her rocking became more punctuated. Then I held her ass still while I pulled out, just the tip still in her folds ... and I slammed home.

"Oh God, yes!"

Well, that worked. I tried it again.

"Uhhh. Yes!"

I gathered my strength and fucked her hard with those same long strokes, but faster. And harder. I wanted to hear how loud I could make the hollow clap of my hips hitting her ass. The sound competed with her rhythmic screams. I could tell she was on the verge of new territory. I upped the ante, measuring my palm against her ass, and I came down hard with a slap.

"You know where I'm gonna come?" I hissed.


I slapped her ass again. "I'm gonna come all over your tits."

"Yes, please come on my tits! I love your come on my tits!"

That was the last thing she was able to say. This was just about my highest gear. The only reason I hadn't already come was because I had become momentarily preoccupied with the thought of how incredibly sore my already-wobbly legs were going to be on Monday. Amy brought me back to the moment with sounds I'd never heard before — simultaneously guttural and high-pitched. Was this it? The closest she'd ever been?

Her seeming transcendant state put me over the top. I laughed as I shot my load deep into her: There was no way I was going to pull out of her for the promised breast cumshot. My cock needed to be buried right where it was.

And after we'd come down, our panting the only sound in the room, I realized: I would have been hard-pressed to pull out at all. My hard-on was in a vice grip.

"Jesus, Amy ... You're pussy is holding onto my cock."

This never happens. I mean, she doesn't work to keep those muscles toned. But something had happened.

"I can't relax," she said. Funny, because at that moment, she was probably more relaxed than she'd been in ages. Just ... not her cunt muscles.

We finally were able to disengage, and she fell back into my arms, her eyes closed, her hands searching for my face, her lips devouring mine.

I asked: "Did you actually come?"

"I think so," she said. "If not, it was the closest. For the first time ever, I was able to lose myself and let a door open that I never let open before."

"Damn," I whispered. "Let's work on keeping that door ajar."

"It's funny that, after 16 years together, we're still searching for the ever elusive orgasm-while-fucking," she observed.

"I think it's pretty great," I said, "that we still have a goal like that after 16 years. Most couples have played it all out by then."

We hobbled to the bedroom, leaving all our clothes and the couch pillows all over the living room floor. If we'd tried bending down to pick that stuff up, I doubt we would have been able to get back up again.


Anonymous said...

Damn, Denis. That was extremely erotic. I was right there with Amy, hitting those heights as you slammed into her, hearing those screams, you talking dirty to her... well done, you sex god. Nicely written too, by the way.

Bekah said...

Dude, no man has ever given me one while having sex... it's always been other ways. I don't know what it is... I have pretty much just given up on that though... easier to just do it myself when I have 'me' time.
I love reading your posts! I'm ready for 'me' time now!
Too bad I am stuck in the office until 4ish. Blah.

EmmaK said...

I am not all that orgasmic, but what works for me every time is just lying face down on the bed with him fucking me hard from behind and I play with my clit until I cum. Very easy for me to cum like that, although I cannot cum from intercourse in any other position. Not that i think it is even that important to cum through intercourse...i am sure you have tried this, but I'm just saying what works for me. And that porn movie sounded so so hot, I could see it all so vividly before me, those big asses. Hot post.

Denis Connor said...

Mariée -- Thanks so much — mainly for continuing your delusion that I'm a sex god. I need more women in my life like you! Oh, wait a minute ... Is this a comment that should be filed under "B" for "Be Careful What You Wish For?" *wink*

bekah -- In truth, I don't think we're ever gonna get the vaginal orgasm. Fifteen years ago, that would have bothered me. Now, after a lot of reading and research and understanding how few women ever have this kind of orgasm (Emmak's comment helps prove that point), I have let it go. Which is not to say that it isn't fun still pursuing it! And that place where Amy went on Saturday night ... that was truly amazing. It may not have been a full-fledged orgasm, but it was another plane she'd never visited before. And experiences like that make sex even more fun than it already is.

Emmak -- I often encourage Amy to diddle herself while I fuck her, but for some reason, this is something she has a hard time doing. I think it's a concentration issue -- being able to do that while still fucking. (She can, however, walk and chew gum at the same time; I am witness to this.)

I wish I could post the porn movie ... or at least the relevant portion!

Thanks for visiting.

Fat Controller said...

"I think it's pretty great," I said, "that we still have a goal like that after 16 years. Most couples have played it all out by then."

Don't you believe it..We're still not quite there but we're having fun trying.

That was one HOT post. Where did you say you downloaded the video, by the way?

Unnur said...

You know, I don't think most couples have it all played out ever. However, most couples stop at some point, not realising that the sexual journey of a couple can entail infinite adventures and discoveries. You two sound good, keep up the good work! :)

Tom Paine said...

I agree with LFM, but also find it immensely tender and sweet, and it will be one of my votes for this week's "Sugasm."

Tom Paine said...

Oh yeah, and where can I get that video???

Al Sensu said...

Well done. You were a victim of snapping pussy syndrome for a moment there. But there are worse things....

Denis Connor said...

Okay, first of all, I've received enough requests here and in my private email that I'm putting up a link to the teaser of the video I talk about in this entry. You can view that teaser here. Now, you'll have to figure out your own way to get the full-length video.

fat controller and unnur: I still think that most couples are played out after 10 or 15 years. I think the group of people that read blogs like this are hopefully still looking for something to expand their horizons. I'd love to be wrong about that, but the stories I hear from friends and family indicate otherwise.

Tom -- You are very kind. Thanks so much for even taking the time to read my drivel. It means a lot that you come here.

al -- Yes, indeed, there are worse things. I'd love to be trapped in that sexual "Chinese finger trap."

Juno Henry said...

Inspirational, Denis. Seriously.

Denis Connor said...

Well, you're a part of that inspiration, Juno. (Everyone! Go read her blog!)

Curvaceous Dee said...

(Here through Sugasm)

That was an astoundingly hot post - and it sounds like you had an astoundingly hot time!

Don't suppose there's any chance of linking to that video? I am dead curious to see it myself, now :)

xx Dee

Denis Connor said...

Dee -- Thanks for enjoying this so much!

As to the link ... Count up four comments from here and you'll find a link.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Our two boys have been at grandmas all week for spring break. My hubby and I have had a few great nights too. I've only had the luxury of cumming twice during sex and we've been married 15 years. He loves for me to just use my toy while he helps anyway. Love the post and I'll be back soon.

Denis Connor said...

Anonymous -- I'm looking forward to both our kids going on overnighters for entire weekends. The problem is that I see that as an invitation to Sex Central ... and Amy will see it as a chance for house spring cleaning! But I'm sure we can strike an amicable compromise.

For starters: I'll clean as long as she does it with me in the nude....

PJay said...

As soon as you gave the description of the movie, I kinda figured it was a BangBros production.

I don't know how I feel about that.. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Erotica, anyone? Well-written and HOT, sir.
My husband and I figured out pretty quickly what makes me come during intercourse. What always works for me is riding his cock, but mixing some good hard grinding in with the long up-and-down strokes. If you work on your angles it's a great way to mix clitoral and g-spot stimulation.
Have fun!