05 April 2007

Sick Man Walking.

Back in 1989, I was working a job that required one of my greatest talents: My fast and accurate typing. A co-worker of mine, a woman, ate lunch with me one day and went on and on about how amazing sex is when both participants are running high-grade fevers.

This occurred to me last night. It was about the only thought I was able to retain, as at that point I was spiking up above 101 degrees and sweat-shaking with the chills in my bed. And honestly, I can NOT imagine anything less interesting at that moment than trying to sexually gratify another person.

Friends and co-workers with experiences with walking pneumonia reported to me yesterday that my symptoms make me a goddamn textbook for the diagnosis. My doctor will confirm or reject their opinion at an appointment I have this evening.

I miss writing and reading. I hope to get back to this soon.


AmyElle said...

Oh Denis, that just sucks.

I actually tend to have an increase in libido as I get sick, and usually if there is a fever. Heck if I know why.

Hope you get to feeling better soon. Update us after the Dr.

Anonymous said...

Absolute Horn Dogette when under the weather - no clue why. Maybe it's a girly brain chem thing? Feel better, love the blog, get back to it soon! -G

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweetie. It's so yucky for you, truly. I also lose my libido when I'm sick (stop snickering... it is possible).

You rest and stop trying to work and stuff. We'll be here waiting when you're well again.

melanie said...

Hi, just discovered your blog, I like it. I hope u get better soon ;-)

Preheated said...

I'm starving for some Denis Conor. Get well soon!

hot & horny housewife said...

I hear ya.
Feeling shitty myself:(
Hope you are feeling better soon.

probitionate said...

The premier, ne plus ultra sexual partner I had fifteen years ago gave me an incredible experience one time when I was laid-up.



(I have to say that we're not talking 'flu'. I can't imagine anything 'rumpy-pumpy' while dealing with runny-puppies or guelphing up what's left in your stomach. And I'm an eroticist and have imagined just about everything to date!)

Something about being fevered...exerting yourself against limits...slightly comatose...bringing on transformation, exaltation, transcendance...

Ah, yes. The joys of prurience while sick.

Denis Connor said...

Thanks for all the get-well wishes .... It took a couple of weeks, but I'm finally on top of things again.

amyelle, anonymous, and probitionate .... I hate you all for being horny while sick! Just the thought that there was a time when I couldn't be horny is so ... so ... *sniff* ... sad!

(probitionate ... "guelphing?" ... Had to look that one up.)